My name is Darren Harbst, and I am an online business Entrepreneur.  I have been involved passively and actively in “internet marketing” for over 20 years, but only recently “found” financial success.  I built this site to provide value to other online business entrepreneurs, so you don’t have to endure the 20 year journey to achieving your own financial success online.

My background is varied.  I served 13 years in the Army as a Commissioned Officer.  I worked in Corporate America for over 15 years after my military service.  I primarily worked in Manufacturing, but also worked in Retail and Healthcare.  I am originally from a very small town in Pennsylvania and currently live in yet another very small town in South Carolina.  I am a self-made entrepreneur – and believe strongly in the saying, “it takes a village,” or said differently, you need a mentor.  I have not had an online business mentor, so I consider myself a graduate of the school of hard knocks online.  I am still learning and will continue to do so.

I do have an Economics Bachelors degree and believe my business orientation, coupled with my leadership experience in my career has led me to be a natural teacher of business.  I have always aspired to build an online business but struggled for a very long time to learn how.  While we constantly hear about the “secrets” to online wealth, I don’t believe there are any true “secrets,” but rather lots of “scams” that misdirect and mislead many of us down paths that just don’t work.  We get caught up in the “shiny object” syndrome and are conditioned to chase the next “6-Figure” opportunity.

So, I am not a Guru, or an Expert.  I consider myself a small time business person who has figured out the “secret sauce” to financial success online.  I am passionate about the struggle most of us endure online, and want to be a resource to as many entrepreneurs as possible to ensure more of us find financial success online.  I welcome the opportunity to share my experience, and maybe even be a potential mentor to my “tribe” here on this site.

I leave you with this final thought: There is no Fast Money scenario online, there are no Get Rich Quick programs that work, and anyone that tells you they have one is a scammer, a liar and a cheat.  You must work Hard, you must learn new Technology (always) and you must Avoid the thousands of distractions that will be presented to you on a daily basis.  Online Business is about building relationships, building trust and providing Value.  The more effective you are at those 3 skills will determine how financially successful your business will be.  There are “faster” ways to do these 3 things, and there are slower paths – the “secret sauce,” in my opinion is found in those 3 skills – the “faster” you learn how to master this craft, the faster you will achieve financial success online.

Take the Path Less Traveled – To Your Success!

Warmest Regards,

Darren Harbst